6 Personality Traits for career exploration

Our research is based on Dr. John Holland's theory that people and work environments can be loosely classified into six different groups. Different peoples' personalities may find different environments more to their liking. While you may have some interests in and similarities to several of the six groups, you may be attracted primarily to two or three of the areas. We have explored these six areas and have chosen one career to further explore.

Project Directions


John Holland's 6 Personality Traits

Photographers by Jett
Musicians by Gina
Choreographers by McKinsey
Interior Design by April

CPA by Morgan

Lawyers by Michael
Lawyers by Jake

Pulmonologist by Alex

Baker by Melissa
The Exciting World of Cooking by Erin
All About the Marine Biologist by Anna
Mechanical Engineer by Andrew
Industrial Engineers by Baris
Automobile Designer by Joe

Travel Agents by Mrs. Cassinelli
High School Teacher by Elliot
Special Education Teacher by Gloria
Occupational Therapists by Danny
Professional Swimmer by Daniel
Physical Therapists by Zach
Newspaper Reporter by Masohiro (Exchange student)
Police Officers by Andy